Sprinkle ‘n’ Scratch - Rainbow Trout Hanging Cardboard Scratcher - 12/case

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Cats are born with an innate urge to scratch. It's a way for them to convey their feelings, mark objects with their scent, and keep their claws clean and sharp. Encourage your furry feline friends to spare your couch by sprinkling a bit of our primo North American Catnip onto this durable, stylish Rainbow Trout corrugated scratcher. Designed to captivate your kitty's interest with its vibrant colors and unique shape, this scratcher is an irresistible and purrfect choice for their scratching needs. The high-quality, corrugated material provides the perfect texture for satisfying their scratching instincts while helping to shred stress and not your furniture. Give your cats a healthy outlet for their natural behavior, promoting both physical and mental well-being. With this delightful scratcher, your feline friends will have hours of fun and engagement, all while keeping their claws in top condition. Say goodbye to shredded furniture and hello to a happy, content kitty. Treat your pets to the ultimate scratching experience with this Rainbow Trout scratcher—an essential addition to any cat-friendly home!

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